How to Choose Insulated Garage Doors

04 May

Having an insulated garage door is a good advantage as it regulates the temperature in your garage and locks away noise from outside and also reduces your electricity bills. In case your garage door is not insulated, then you can insulate it by yourself but you first need to know which material to go for. You can use a reflective foil, panel kits or polystyrene foam, thou each type of material has its own advantage and disadvantage. However, there are a few things to consider before deciding on which material to get.

First, you should consider the weight of the insulation as it may affect the opening and closing of your garage door. When you are installing the door yourself, it's best if you contact a technician dealing with garage doors so as to balance properly the springs after you have installed the insulation. The weight of the insulation depends on what type of material you choose for the insulation. Preferably it's advisable to go for the panel kits as the best materials which are either made of fiber glass or plastic laminated polystyrene in which both are easier and fast to install. For more information, check it out!

Something else to consider is the kind of rating given to the material depending on its insulating ability and effectiveness. By using a reflective foil, it is made up of polyethylene foam that is sandwiched between layers of aluminum foil. This material insulates well however not pleasing to the eyes. When going for polystyrene foam, it's a little tougher than foil as it is more rigid making it a better insulator. On the other hand, panel kits are still preferred due to the two materials that make it hence offering a higher insulation than the other materials making it the best choice to go for.

More so, there are a few things you should avoid like you should not spray a fiberglass batting as they are not suitable for use in garage doors. It is also necessary not to insulate the springs of your garage door since it may affect the opening and closing of your garage door. Once you have decided on which material to use, then installation of your door should be simple and easy. You can save your money and on your electricity bills and enjoy a more comfortable and quiet garage than if you had opted for a non-insulated metal door.

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